EHI and Philips Release Report on Inequity in Cancer Care

Washington, DC – December 13, 2022 - Today, Executives for Health Innovation (EHI) and Philips released the report, Addressing Inequity in Cancer Care. Experts, including those from the American Cancer Society, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Elsevier, Jasper Health, National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Philips address the widening gaps that exist in oncology care and screening for those in vulnerable populations, and the need for collaboration between public and private industries (including Moonshot 2.0) to make meaningful change and improvements.

“The entire healthcare industry must continue to monitor and address the disparities that exist in care delivery and recognize that the promise of equitable care has not been realized,” said Jen Covich Bordenick, CEO of Executives for Health Innovation. “With a firm commitment to achieve equitable healthcare, from preventative care to treatment, future generations and their families will see unprecedented improvement in quality of life and cancer survival rates.”

Inequities in cancer research and care are widespread. As more clinical data is analyzed and collected, the gaps in care for vulnerable communities have only become more glaring. For example, recent studies of health disparities in scanning, treatment, and death found that black women are 40% more likely than white women to die from the same cancer. In addition, a 2022 BMC Public Health study found that cancer survival rates were lower for individuals living in both a high-income country and a resource-deprived community. Statistics and studies like these are bolstering research initiatives across the country. 

“Inequity in cancer care is widespread, but thanks to the efforts of many, including participants on this panel, we are starting to better understand the complexities underlying this issue,” said Marco Janssen, Portfolio Strategy Marketing Leader in Oncology, Philips. “I’m grateful for this roundtable discussion where we outlined potential solutions to decrease or even dismantle such disparities, and I am feeling optimistic about ways the government, industry and other organizations can partner to build a future where quality cancer care is truly equitable for all patients.”

About Executives for Health Innovation
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