Our Mission & Vision



Executives for Health Innovation (EHI) is a catalyst for healthcare transformation, convening diverse leaders from across the industry to unlock opportunities for collaborative innovation. EHI, along with its coalition of members, focuses on collaborative learning, shaping policy, and thought-leadership.

We believe that innovation and diverse perspectives power the transformation of healthcare. Our members are working toward consumer-centered health that is lower cost, higher quality, and more accessible for all populations.



The healthcare landscape has evolved rapidly over the past few years.  With the evolution of technology, the method and manner of how healthcare is delivered have changed.  EHI members share a unique vision to transform care delivery with patient-centric care. Participants are working towards a more cohesive vision of health and healthcare that:

  • Reflects a coordinated and collaborative approach;
  • Includes timely and relevant patient-focused information and health IT tools available to all;
  • Supports high-quality and efficient patient care through the use of interoperable health IT and secure data exchange between and across all relevant stakeholders.

Working with our members, we can positively impact healthcare by improving quality and reducing costs. No special interest group or single stakeholder can make an impact alone. Therefore, it is critical that leaders from all sectors of healthcare band together.