Leadership Council

Lee barrett e7084b5017fa495a4c06a7aa45fc6b06b2898500b82b72acf0ba9d9c8ea67b6e

Lee Barrett

Executive Director


David bensema headshot

David Bensema

Chief Information Officer

Baptist Health

Leigh burchell bbc88cb6af2d2f7b2871d9234476c0aacb15d6b15c0e70da8e88966a01e49236

Leigh Burchell

Vice President, Government Affairs


Barbara casey

Barbara Casey

Practice Director, Healthcare Business Transformation, US Enterprise

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Gary christensen intersystems headshot

Gary Christensen

General Manager, States

InterSystems Corporation

Laura crawford2016

Laura Crawford

Advisor, Global Health Outcomes and Real World Evidence

Eli Lilly and Company

Dave dexter 1e2168270f3adfb898dc980850136c14eaf6005513b4528a4a31715a10edaa18

David Dexter

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sonora Quest Laboratories and Laboratory Sciences of Arizona

Doug dietzman 4764c857f543f6c9927cae85f6392b0f5529153175e2f0b492fcff43fffc5a39

Doug Dietzman

Executive Director

Great Lakes Health Connect

Eddyp 5x7 300 dpi 4913d77a7a874c15cc47365859ee167cb40a6fd970d9b5ffb80637872c9698d7

Paul Eddy

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Wellmark BCBS


Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD

Board of Trustees

American Medical Association (AMA)

Kay eron   intel

Kay Eron

General Manager of Health IT and Medical Devices


Edward ferrara lc pic

Edward Ferrara

Chief Information Security Officer

CSL Behring

Dan garrett2 f05ba72cc04eeb0bc7798111e1e3975857568070beb050f46a0b2cf744fad3ab

Daniel Garrett

Principal and Health Information Technology Practice Leader


Pawan goyal

Pawan Goyal, MD

Associate Executive Director

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

Danhaley  2  d7176f9f40cb011163643f97096ba4883fd3b74528fb8238f93bb81858266199

Dan Haley

Senior Vice President and General Counsel


Blair hedgepath

Blair Hedgepath

Senior Associate Health IT Policy

American College of Physicians

Sam ho 49cbd02cce94279090934e481bfcb3e040acb6a2666bf60f9c8fbb53dbee3c30

Sam Ho, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


Holmes henrycherie d768a7c6d716fad0fb07b02fd24f771cb48053212eb907b24ffee61933b28577

Cherie Holmes-Henry

Vice President

QSI/NextGen Healthcare

David horrocks 2013 9f359d85dd51f5ef4af0406979c93788e06190322287c7ce9f0220b6477d78ad

David Horrocks

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP)


Chuck Jaffe, MD

Chief Executive Officer


Ira klein   johnson johnson

Ira Klein, MD

Senior Director, Healthcare Quality Strategy

Johnson & Johnson

Lenlichtenfeld d011de95c2e360000f544316d64e7f3133ed5bf5b5ab63d6e2b38121f0e00fe0

Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

American Cancer Society

Rebecca little ba5da6310f6eae04e85f83be541f62713de399f1294940a4aba7116c66e4e2e6

Rebecca Little

Senior Vice President


Gwendolyn lohnse 06bc172b2ea97ae6f8fdfdf436221841c7fbfc489f4f2b8cd2d3e4a22f07396e

Gwendolyn Lohse

Deputy Director, Managing Director, Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange


Meg marshall

Meg Marshall

Director Health Policy, Cerner Corporation; PSC Chair Representative

eHI Policy Steering Committee Chairperson

Kristine martin anderson d4158a426e0de2210952a6b2a3514c45cea09ddbca8a6054f4b3fd23d14e5645  1

Kristine Martin Anderson

Executive Vice President

Booz Allen Hamilton

Laura mccrary lc headshot

Laura McCrary, EdD

Executive Director

Kansas Health Information Network, Inc.

Marc overhage

J.Marc Overhage, MD, PhD

Chief Health Informatics Officer

Cerner Corporation


Hon Pak, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

3M Health Information Systems

Nirmal patel

Nirmal Patel, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Information Officer

Teladoc, Inc.

Harold paz 3

Harold Paz, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


Ilianapina 85cce6e068062352746aaa2ab51709d9527313a97c3784c0559a24a56b3f8684

Ileana Piña, MD, FAHA

Professor of Medicine and VA Quality Scholar

American Heart Association

Rick ratliff 9e61bfeeccb0c34deab1d4accc55598e9152a6a461ecb2b8b4c6b61f9bc58f0d

Richard Ratliff

President and Chief Commercial Officer


Christopher ross b98b6972f10ee595fa615f52ac2f786cac81cbde9176efedd8c9259482bbf9c3  1

Christopher Ross

Chief Information Officer, Mayo Clinic

Chair eHealth Initiative Board of Directors, Leadership Council

Neal sanger   mayo clinic

Neal Sanger

Regional Chief Information Officer

Mayo Clinic

Stephen savas   accenture

Stephen Savas

Managing Director, NA Clinical and Health Management


Drewschiller1 1f14c3f97941cc7bd0060c25b204edf2d1c97dca637f958c7d8890d22bfd115f

Drew Schiller

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Mark segal 755dc440389a46a3c5f6f4b5a016d45de46135c6cc3eee90fb4c8374bf2998c3

Mark Segal, PhD

Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs

GE Healthcare Digital

Eric sullivan inovalon lc headshot

Eric Sullivan

Vice President, Product Innovation & Data Strategies


Russ thomas c9f09dd893ada3e2c8d3b8f65d873fbf36332601f01e20fc46acd15bdf30c6cd

Russ Thomas

Chief Executive Officer


Lynn thomas gordon 90cbad8e5b32d922358d1b5bb3db11cedb329b862b81009fd503a39e9c51b253

Lynne Thomas Gordon

Chief Executive Officer


Robin thomashauer

Robin Thomashauer

Executive Director

Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)

Michael thompson

MIchael Thompson

President & Chief Executive Officer

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

Micky tripathi   ma ehealth collaborative

Micky Tripathi, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

Susan turney 92f62a3bb6d53b3f85c9439f8173cb8e11bf022e3000684fa4a59d53f69bb671

Susan Turney, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Marshfield Clinic

Leadership puhrig 32b7034637f12325706c6ff8f449149c34d7d0d0e0bf194616ef6f8686f2372b

Paul Uhrig

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative, Legal and Privacy Officer


Krish venkat

Krish Venkat

Executive Vice President, General Manager

Cognizant Technology Solutions

John vitalie   salesforce

John Vitalie

Senior Vice President, Enterprise


Sandeep wadhwa 45e9b81f90d3397156f61bc79f9b16a7e9a69f818741d17fbd377f234d44cf03

Sandeep Wadhwa, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Care & Delivery Management

Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Marcy wilder 308f8628bc0e0db87c79f5c89456356df95fdd6b5aaad27881d8b6aab1e771f4

Marcy Wilder, Esq.

Partner; Director, Privacy and Information Management Practice

Hogan Lovells

Marcus wilson 03953e82bb1ea043500041bd0b3d8bf0f8ee438f59f5de85ae7f95f2039b7f4b

Marcus Wilson, PharmD


HealthCore, Inc.

Default 581e3aed97a6f014156bfbfbc5767513c473cb379351e343e22e355fb84c699c

Chantal Worzala

Vice President, Health Information & Policy; PSC Vice Chair Representative

American Hospital Association


Jon Zimmerman

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Business Solutions

GE Healthcare Digital