Report: Addressing Inequity in Cancer Care

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Report: Addressing Inequity in Cancer Care

December 13, 2022

Inequities in cancer research and care are widespread. As more clinical data is analyzed and collected, the gaps in care for vulnerable communities have only become more glaring. A 2022 BMC Public Health study found that cancer survival rates were lower for individuals living in both a high-income country and a resource-deprived community (BMC Public Health 2022). Statistics and studies like this are bolstering research initiatives across the country.

In a recent, multi-stakeholder roundtable, Executives for Health Innovation (EHI) convened leading experts to address the widening gaps that exist in oncology care and screening for those in vulnerable populations. The attendees addressed the need for collaboration between public and private industries (including Moonshot 2.0) to make meaningful changes and improvements.

A summary of the key concerns and highlights from the discussion are offered in this report.

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