Board of Directors

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Paul Eddy

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Wellmark BCBS

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Daniel Garrett

Principal and Health Information Technology Practice Leader


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John Glaser, PhD

Executive Vice President

Cerner Corporation

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Dan Haley

Senior Vice President and General Counsel


Sam ho 49cbd02cce94279090934e481bfcb3e040acb6a2666bf60f9c8fbb53dbee3c30

Sam Ho, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer UnitedHealthcare

Chair, Foundation for eHealth Initiative

Kristine martin anderson d4158a426e0de2210952a6b2a3514c45cea09ddbca8a6054f4b3fd23d14e5645  1

Kristine Martin Anderson

Executive Vice President

Booz Allen Hamilton

Harold paz 3

Harold Paz, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


Rick ratliff 9e61bfeeccb0c34deab1d4accc55598e9152a6a461ecb2b8b4c6b61f9bc58f0d

Richard Ratliff

President and Chief Commercial Officer, ConnectiveRx

Secretary, eHealth Initiative Board of Directors

Christopher ross b98b6972f10ee595fa615f52ac2f786cac81cbde9176efedd8c9259482bbf9c3  1

Christopher Ross

Chief Information Officer, Mayo Clinic

Chair, eHealth Initiative Board of Directors

Stephen savas   accenture

Stephen Savas

Managing Director, NA Clinical and Health Management


Russ thomas c9f09dd893ada3e2c8d3b8f65d873fbf36332601f01e20fc46acd15bdf30c6cd

Russ Thomas

Chief Executive Officer


Lynne thomas gordon

Lynne Thomas Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Robin thomashauer

Robin Thomashauer

Executive Director

Council of Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)

Susan turney 92f62a3bb6d53b3f85c9439f8173cb8e11bf022e3000684fa4a59d53f69bb671

Susan Turney, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer, Marshfield Clinic

Treasurer, eHealth Initiative Board of Directors

Paul uhrig   surescripts

Paul Uhrig

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative, Legal and Privacy Officer


John vitalie   salesforce

John Vitalie

Senior Vice President, Enterprise


Jon zimmerman   ge digital

Jon Zimmerman

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Business Solutions

GE Healthcare Digital