Member Benefits

6 Things eHI Members Can Expect



Members can connect with a variety of healthcare stakeholders, including payers, providers, consumer groups, vendors, tech companies, advocacy groups, and trade associations. Whether you are looking to connect with other leaders, collaborate on a project, or work with sectors you normally would not interact with, eHI membership will help you make connections to build relationships across healthcare.


  Members have a professional home that is easy to navigate, where people are friendly, and where leadership meetings, roundtables, and events, are delightful and insightful. eHI membership allows you to grow your brand, and your company’s brand, among industry insiders.




Members stay abreast of industry news and are able to access solutions to specific problems, answers to questions, and product and service recommendations. eHI webinars, roundtables, research papers, and collaborative projects are personally and professionally beneficial.



Lifelong learning is not a luxury; it’s a necessity in today’s changing workplace. Members are able to improve their practice and operations, while building pathways to better performance.


Business Development

Membership with eHI allows you to build brand awareness, develop leads for collaboration, and potentially develop sales leads.


Impact Change

Members see a return on their dues investment as they are a part of building a better business environment, including laws and regulations that help their business.



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