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Synthetic Data for Speed, Security and Scale

In today’s world, data truly makes the world go ‘round. It’s fundamental to virtually everything we do. And data assumes even greater power and importance when it’s shared. Think about how much more quickly diseases could be cured, or how much waste could be reduced, or how much more efficiently ecosystems could run if data were able to be freely exchanged. Of course, such sharing isn’t possible today because we’re limited to using our own data that, for good reason, is highly protected. Accenture explains what you need to know!

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Study Shows Real-World Diabetes Results with Welldoc's Digital Coaching

With approximately half of the people living with diabetes not achieving glycemic targets, the need for better self-management is urgent. Real-time support powered by technology could be key to improving daily self-care and engagement. Download the case study "Welldoc's Digital Coaching Yields Real-World Results" to see how getting members more engaged with their health management could help improve outcomes.

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New in Jasper: Connect Your Fitbit Account to Sync Your Health Data

Jasper is excited to introduce their first wearable integration! Members can now connect to Fitbit to track important metrics without the manual entry (and without needing to remember!).

Wearables like Fitbit have been shown to increase activity levels, and getting regular exercise during cancer treatment can reduce fatigue and nausea, strengthen your immune system, and improve your overall quality of life. 

By connecting Fitbit to Jasper, you’ll automatically see steps, sleep, weight and resting heart rate in Jasper.


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Addressing Health Equity Through Complete Trusted Data

During the early months of the pandemic, we saw the impact of a limited data view on COVID-19 testing and treatment. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) discovered that social determinants of health (SDOH), such as: access to education, economic stability and access to stable housing, significantly affect COVID-19 risks and health outcomes. Discrimination against racial and ethnic groups also was a key determinant in who was tested for the virus and, if they were to get sick, the severity of their symptoms, the CDC found.

By bolstering capabilities for data capture, enrichment and analysis, public health leaders can become better positioned to address and eliminate inequities in healthcare access and

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Allscripts Hosts Developer Challenge: Advancing Health Equity Using Social Determinants of Health

Allscripts hosted its "Advancing Health Equity Using Social Determinants of Health Developer Challenge", in an effort to elevate solutions that use technology to share relevant social determinants of health patient information with care providers. Access to patients’ social determinants of health (SDOH) information is crucial in advancing health equity across patient populations—especially at a time when equitable access to healthcare is more important than ever. The event included a Keynote Fireside Chat with Dr. Micky Tripathi, the National Coordinator for Health IT, who shared an update on efforts by ONC and the Biden Administration more broadly to address the challenges associated with health inequities.

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The Economics of Social Need

On a practical level, people experiencing food insecurity often are forced to choose between food and other essentials such as medications or the transportation necessary for their medical care. This becomes relevant for physicians who may have their quality performance scored by metrics, such as medication adherence or diabetes control. Both are influenced by SDOH. Government and private payors are increasingly reaching out to community organizers to create shared opportunities.  In this article, ACR explains how reaching out to community groups and having the confidence to engage in conversations with policymakers can create partnerships to advance population health management (PHM).

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Health Systems, Health Care and Big Tech–It’s (Really) Complicated

Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer for Providence explains what’s really happening with big tech and healthcare. 

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ACP Says Employers and Others Can Require Proof of Vaccinations

The American College of Physicians (ACP) issued new policies supporting the promotion of vaccines in the interest of public safety and health; saying that the government may appropriately require employers, schools, public agencies, and organizations receiving federal funding to require employees or students show proof of vaccination with recommended immunizations against highly transmissible diseases during a public health emergency.

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Social Determinants & Their Impact On Value, Better Outcomes

There is little doubt that social factors are powerful determinants of health and significantly impact health outcomes. What’s less known is the best way to leverage understanding about the importance of social determinants. Accenture examines this through a prism of past mistakes, and how electing to not look at social determinants in a siloed way can benefit to the individual (patient) and to healthcare systems.

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Simplify Risk Contracting and Improve Quality Performance

Learn how Curation Health helps providers and health plans more accurately and efficiently address care gaps, enhance clinical documentation accuracy and specificity, and maximize performance on key quality and patient experience measures.

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