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Humana Addresses Racial Inequities In Population Health

Humana addresses racial disparities exacerbated by COVID-19 to the recent spotlight on systemic racism in the United States, it’s never been more clear that we need to discuss racial inequity, especially as it relates to health. The Humana Foundation invested $7.6 million with 12 local organizations across eight Bold Goal communities to address these social determinants. Humana’s Chief Medical and Corporate Affairs Officer Dr. William Shrank; Dr. Brandy Kelly Pryor, Senior Director of Programs at The Humana Foundation; and Shantanu Agrawal, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Quality Forum, engage in a conversation on the health impacts of racial inequity and racism.

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Amwell Enhances Virtual Care Platform With Two Acquistions: Silvercloud Heath and Conversa Health

Amwell, a national telehealth leader, announced that it has signed definitive agreements to acquire SilverCloud Health, a leading digital mental health platform, and Conversa Health, a leader in automated virtual healthcare. By adding the technology of these two companies to its virtual care platform, Amwell is greatly enhancing the differentiated value it can bring to current and future clients. Each company brings unique, proven capabilities that will position Amwell to materially advance the reach and impact of care teams on patients’ lives through the use of interactive tools that strengthen the cohesion between physical and virtual care.

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Looking North to GUIDE Better Care for Heart Failure Is Not Black or White

ACC reveals how investigators note the underlying reasons for racial differences in HFH observed in the GUIDE-IT study are complex and might be related to socioeconomic status and level of education, as well as access to and quality of care. 

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CVS Study: How the Pandemic is Boosting Healthcare Consumerism

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to embrace new avenues of care, and take greater control of their own health, according to a new study from CVS Health. The healthcare giant released its latest Health Care Insights Study, which polls 1,000 adults and 400 providers, and found 77% of people said the pandemic led them to pay more attention to their health overall.

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How UnitedHealthcare is Harnessing Predictive Analytics to Target Social Needs

Unitedhealthcare has rolled out a tool that uses de-identified claims data to proactively identify members who may be at greatest risk for social concerns. The insurer's call center advocates are then armed with a curated database of community resources to assist members with their social needs.

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Healthix Awards Contract for Clinical Terminology Mapping

J2 Managed Terminology will increase the value of the clinical data Healthix provides to its participants by ensuring that key data elements within a patient’s medical history—such as lab results, diagnoses, allergies, and medications—has been translated to use a common, standardized language, regardless of the data’s original source. 

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Analytics For Everyone – You Don’t Need To Be Technical To Get Answers And Insights With Enlight

Watch this 5-minute glimpse to see how non-technical users get answers and powerful analytic insights in enlight. You don’t need to be technical to find and use data from this secure ‘connected health’ data platform.

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This Peer Reviewed Study With Vets Suffering From PTSD Was LifeWIRE's First Regarding The Use Of Mobile Messaging As An Engagement Strategy

Many veterans returning from service in Afghanistan or Iraq suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or mild traumatic brain injury. Treating these conditions can be challenging because of high rates of relapse and associated memory impairments. We report on a pilot study that assessed the utility of mobile health (mHealth) technologies, including personal digital assistant-based ecological momentary assessment and two-way interactive text (SMS) messaging, for providing treatment feedback to clinicians, encouraging and motivating veterans throughout treatment, and monitoring participants for relapse after treatment discharge.

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Is Virtual Primary Care the New House Call? Three Real-World Examples

For three out of five consumers who experienced a virtual visit last year, COVID-19 prompted their first foray into telehealth, according to a recent survey. But while urgent care was once the biggest draw for telehealth consumption, that trend flipped during the pandemic, when scheduled visits—especially with specialty and primary care physicians—took center stage.

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Curation Health Expands Value-Based Care Services To Support a Growing Portfolio of Healthcare Providers and Health Plans

ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Curation Health, a leader in advanced clinical decision support and value-based care (VBC) adoption, announced today significant 2021 momentum in customer acquisition and expanded additions to its already robust suite of services. The new services build on the company's existing platform, physician education, and advisory offerings and will further help providers and health plans more effectively collaborate in value-based agreements.

"Curation Health delivers clinically relevant insights directly into the electronic health record resulting in improved provider adoption and performance in value-based arrangements. As payers and providers continue to increase collaboration, Curation's closed-loop workflow is a mechanism to track provider-captured patient care gaps, HCCs, and suspect