Workflows to Improve Patient Experience Workgroup

Workflow and education have been key barriers in increased adoption and meaningful utilization of health IT as an integrated component of health care. This workgroup will explore the attributes of an “ideal patient experience” within chronic condition management, with a focus on best practices from programs supporting patients across the continuum of care.


  • Jake Blanchard, Consultant, Healthwise
  • Leslie Kelly Hall, Vice President, Health System Integration, LifeWIRE Corp


Develop a simple informational campaign for consumers and providers that demonstrate the value and potential of using health IT to treat the patient, as a whole, and produce better health outcomes. Use the 'Oscar' persona, a fictional patient with chronic illnesses, to guide workgroup outputs.

  • Enable relationships through technology
  • Build relationships between stakeholders
  • Create navigation and coordination that solicits input form patients
  • Incentivize providers and consumers
  • Develop appropriate care in all healthcare settings, education, and awareness
  • Establish value and parity across the spectrum


  • Tie patient engagement to the business cases that matter to all healthcare stakeholders—growth, retention, efficiency, and empathy—so that reimbursement is not the only consideration when strategic health information technology (HIT) decisions are made
  • Tie patient engagement to the business cases of growth, retention, efficiency and empathy
  • Advise and convene adjacent industries via eHealth Initiative to facilitate access to healthcare and inform HIT leadership
  • Promote data sharing by addressing patient consent to data sharing, including the education of patients and providers about the exchange of data once a patient has given consent



February 2018 Highlights from eHI's Executive Summit, the Roundtable on Workflows
April 2018 Begin to develop the 'Oscar' persona, the patient with a chronic condition on which to model best practices and address priorities
May 2018 Review of Consumer Relationship Management Tools with Mike Leussi, Vice President Healthcare and Life Sciences, Salesforce
June 2018 Best practices for Consumer Relationship Management Tools with Lori Kondas, MBA,  Executive Director, Office of Patient Experience, Cleveland Clinic
July 2018 Behavioral Health IT Patient Engagement Tools with Dr. Adam Darkins, previously VA, Chief Consultant for TeleHealth Services, LifeWIRE Howard Rosen, CEO & Founder of LifeWIRE