Each month in 2018, eHealth Initiative convened workgroup teleconferences with industry leaders, around three areas of healthcare:

    Technology & Analytics

    • This workgroup focuses on innovation and technology in healthcare such as current trends with mobile applications, medical devices, remote monitoring, patient-generated health data, and various analytic tools. Best practices in data governance, including data sources and users, are central to this workgroup's activities.

    Value & Reimbursement

    • This workgroup discusses best practices and reimbursement structures that support patient care, such as value-based care and other revenue models, and overall return on investment (ROI) in healthcare.

    Workflow for Provider and Patient Engagement

    • This workgroup explores the patient experience in care delivery and how it is supported. Participants seek best practices in transforming their current workflow into new environments and understanding the various nuances in points of care.

    On April 30, 2019, Workgroup leaders presented their key findings on a webinar featuring eHI members. Visit the resource center to see the slides and a recording of the presentation.