• Workgroups

For over a decade, eHealth Initiative (eHI) members have worked to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare by promoting the use of technology and information. eHealth Initiative convenes a number of workgroups, advisory boards, executive councils and leadership activities to identify challenges, strategies and best practices. All activities are guided by the 2020 Roadmap: a multi-stakeholder framework to enable coordinated efforts by the public and private sector to transform care delivery through information and technology.

Groups of executives are tasked with specific objectives that correlate with 2020 Roadmap goals and priorities to transform care. 2020 Roadmap focus areas include Interoperability, Data Access and Use, Data Analytics, and Business and Clinical Motivators. Industry thought leaders, key federal agencies, experts in the field and corporate executives are invited to join groups. Groups focus on identifying success stories, crafting principles and recommendations, producing impactful policy recommendations and leading research to support healthcare transformation.

Selection Process for Executive Workgroups

Executives are generally “selected” or nominated to serve on groups. Requirements for each group are specified below. Members have the opportunity to self-nominate and participate in several groups, other groups have specific selection requirements. eHealth Initiative strives to convene multi-stakeholder groups that represent all perspectives. Many groups meet virtually through web conferences. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Claudia Ellison by phone at 202-624-3280 or email eHI members are welcome to express their interest or register directly for groups online by logging into the website with their designated username/password.