WEBINAR: Providers Ditch Paperwork & Reduce Burden with AI

Analytics, Consumers, Interoperability, Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Interoperability

    Discover how healthcare technology works together.
  • Privacy and Security

      Explore the ways in which patient and health system data is being protected.
  • Analytics

    Examine how healthcare data can provide insight across claims, cost, clinical, and more.
  • Consumer

    Explore how individuals and families experience healthcare.

WEBINAR: Providers Ditch Paperwork & Reduce Burden with AI

February 17, 2021

While healthcare organizations have been under tremendous financial stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent United healthcare survey shows that 56% of healthcare organizations reported accelerating their artificial intelligence (AI) plans. Since the pandemic struck, investment in AI platforms has skyrocketed. In this webinar, we heard what is driving the current AI investments including cost savings, improved provider and patient experiences, reducing staff burnout and administrative burden.

- Learn how a cutting-edge platform uses AI and RPA to quickly eliminate repetitive operational tasks at scale by using existing administrative processes and applications (i.e. EHR, web-based apps)

- Hear experts discuss how healthcare organizations are investing in AI and automation technologies to cut costs, reduce staff burn-out, create resilience, and enhance the employee and patient experience