Webinar: Peaks and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence


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    Examine how healthcare data can provide insight across claims, cost, clinical, and more.

Webinar: Peaks and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence

November 20, 2018

Slides and recording from 11.20.18 webinar.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of various challenges, including high costs, provider shortages, and protecting the privacy of sensitive patient information. New developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies provide organizations with exciting opportunities to address these challenges, especially as AI solutions become more advanced, available, and affordable. Is AI just what healthcare needs to rescue healthcare?

Join us for a webinar highlighting eHI’s recent AI initiatives with Booz Allen Hamilton and Cerner, including two reports, one summarizing our September Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Executive Roundtable Meeting and a report offering guidance to providers hoping to use these technologies. Speakers will breakdown the essentials of AI, provide specific examples of how and where AI is implemented today, review its potential to reshape pieces of healthcare entirely, and reveal what might stand in the way of reaching its full potential in healthcare. 


-- Lindsey Jarrett, Lead Strategist, Cerner's Intelligence Organization, Cerner

-- David Cohen, Division VP, Cerner

-- Matthew Keating, Director, Health accounts, Booz Allen Hamilton