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Jun 25

Webinar: Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Visit the eHI Resource Center to download the slides and watch a recording of the webinar.

How does intelligence aggregate and transform data into actionable knowledge? Join eHI as we learn how intelligence can infuse insights directly within the workflow, enabling clinicians to:

  • Better manage the care delivery process
  • Accurately identify and predict potential outcomes

This webinar offers participants an opportunity to hear from speakers with a range of...

Jun 19

HL7 FHIR Dev Days

09:00 AM - 03:15 PM

HL7 FHIR DevDays is a unique educational experience, whether new to FHIR or with previous experience, to learn from 40 of the greatest FHIR experts in a collaborative, immersive environment. HL7 FHIR DevDays offers a chance to work with the specification surrounded by others doing the same thing, side by side with experts to answer any questions. The three pillars for DevDays are: education, sharing of ideas and networking.


Apr 26

Webinar: Improving Care and Lowering Costs: The Use of Clinical Data by Medicaid Managed Care Organizations

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Please visit our resource center to download presentation slides and find a recording of the webinar.

To manage the costs of Medicaid, states are increasingly interested in contracting with managed care organizations (MCOs) to deliver healthcare services to Medicaid beneficiaries. eHealth Initiative (eHI) and Foundation recently conducted interviews with executives from leading Medicaid MCOs to better gauge their progress in developing and implementing...

Apr 26

2018 Health Datapalooza

(All day) - 06:00 PM

Register for the 2018 Health Datapalooza, April 26-27 in Washington, D.C. and join more than 1,300 attendees representing both the public and private sectors to share the newest, most innovative, and effective uses of health data.

Health Datapalooza is more than just a meeting; it's a diverse community of big thinkers and roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-it-done problem solvers who share a mission to liberate and use data to improve health and health care.

This year's event continues its tradition of offering real world concepts and actionable...

Mar 22

Workgroup: Technology & Analytics

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Drew Schiller, CEO, Validic and Sagran Moodley, Senior Vice President of United Healthcare Clinical Data Services will review a pilot project discussed during eHI's Annual Summit. We will also discuss the goals and deliverables of the workgroup.



Mar 15

Workgroup: Value & Reimbursement

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The group decided three criteria were needed to accelerate the development of a universal value-based care system:

  • Evidence-based criteria applied in a clinical workflow - A set of “must-haves” that determine the appropriate treatment (procedures, medical devices, services, medications, etc.) for a patient
  • Harmonization of payer outcome measures - An outcome measure (such as mortality, readmission rates, and patient experience) that is standardized, represents a change in health status of an individual, and recorded after a provider...

Mar 13

Workgroup: Workflow for Provider & Patient Experience

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The key themes that emerged in the Workflows to Improve Patient Experience Roundtable were enabling relationships through technology; building relationships between stakeholders; appropriate care in all healthcare settings; navigation and coordination that solicits input from patients; and value across the spectrum (economic, quality of care and life, efficiency in relationships, support groups, self-care, shared decision making, parity)

For a complete summary of the roundtable workgroup, visit the resource center,...