Policy Steering Committee

As the only national organization that comprehensively represents all sectors of stakeholders in the healthcare industry, eHI's healthcare Policy Steering Committee (PSC) is of core importance. eHealth Initiative (eHI) is an important player in advising administration officials, Congress, and other stakeholders on public policy regarding the use of health information technology (IT) and health information exchange to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare. The eHealth Initiative (eHI) Board of DIrectors created the eHI Policy Steering Committee (PSC) in 2005 as a mechanism for considering eHI positions on key policies from a multi-stakeholder perspective.

Group Charter

Individuals on the PSC serve as individuals, not organizations. Each member has a strong understanding of the policy process, as well as eHI’s mission, goals, and agenda. PSC members view policy proposals in the context of eHI policy and positions and make recommendations on positions that eHI should take, rather than making decisions based on the positions of their respective organizations. The PSC is an 11-member board composed of nationally recognized and seasoned health policy experts. To support our eHI 2020 Roadmap goal of improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of care by promoting the use of technology and information, eHI defines policy as a priority and relies on the expertise of this group to develop recommendations that can guide national policies and legislations.

Selection Process for Membership and Staffing

PSC members are selected through an open search process to fill existing vacancies and serve for two-year terms. A significant time commitment is required of all PSC members. Given the rapidly changing environment on Capitol Hill, in the Administration and the private sector, the PSC must be nimble and responsive in taking positions on issues where eHI has existing policy. In order to serve on the PSC, members must commit to participation in at least 80% of PSC meetings and conference calls; and meeting deadlines set by eHI staff for individual responses to input on policy proposals. This group is staffed by Ticia Gerber, Senior Advisor. For questions, please email

Guided by its Policy Steering Committee, eHI’s Policy and Government Affairs team actively works with key leaders, decision-makers, policy-makers and other healthcare stakeholders to help shape public policies that effectively address today’s ongoing health information technology (health IT) issues.