Evolve from Master Patient Index to Identity Interoperability

Start Time: 2/7/2017 07:00 AM

End Time: 2/7/2017 08:00 AM

Time Zone: America/New York
The job of matching patient identities is becoming more difficult than ever before because of 5 major trends: 1. External data exchange 2. Patient engagement through portals and personal health record (PHR) apps 3. Analytics for PopHealth and outcome optimization 4. Innovative new applications and devices 5. Hospital consolidation Because of these trends, we can no longer rely solely on “indexing” patients in an MPI to match patient identities. Indexing was successful in the past because MPIs operated in an environment of few software systems that were controlled by one organization. But we no longer have the luxury of simple environments and uniformly-governed data. We must evolve from identity “indexing” to identity interoperability—in which any healthcare system and healthcare organization can identify the same patient record without adherence to rigid data quality or governance standards. Attend this webinar to learn: - How five major trends will radically expand the challenge of patient matching; - How to approach the problem from a new perspective of “identity interoperability”; and, - What technology is needed to accomplish it Please register: