WEBINAR: HIPAA for Dummies (Part II)


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WEBINAR: HIPAA for Dummies (Part II)

May 19, 2021

eHI was joined by several hundred HIPAA-aficionados on Wednesday for our second “HIPAA for Dummies” webinar, during which we covered numerous hot topics – as dictated by our certainly NOT dumb attendees. Starting with what in the heck HIPAA stands for and wrapping up with an overview of the interplay between HIPAA, Europe’s GDRP, and new state data privacy laws in California and Virginia, in between we traveled through the land of permitted unauthorized disclosures, what happens to your health data (from a legal perspective) when it leaves the traditional health care system (ie: is sent from your doctor to your phone), and how COVID and vaccines relate to HIPAA obligations and protections.