Webinar: EHR Usability and Optimization Solutions


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Webinar: EHR Usability and Optimization Solutions

March 29, 2022

Electronic health records (EHR) usability and interoperability have presented the public and private sectors both opportunities and challenges to delivering quality care.

Today, clinicians are inundated with a lot of data. Digesting large amounts of information is time consuming and can keep clinicians from delivering timely and efficient care. In addition, the data does not always include the information they need at the time they need it. 

This esteemed panel, representing the Veteran Affairs Medical Centers and the private sector, addressed their experience confronting these data challenges, and explain why clinicians can benefit from an intuitive, predictive, and highly flexible workflow platform that leverages FHIR APIs.


  • Dr. Laura Kroupa, Former Chief Medical Officer, Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Electronic Health Records Modernization (OEHRM)
  • John Glaser, Executive in Residence, Harvard Medical School Executive Education; former CIO, Partners HealthCare; CEO, Siemens Healthcare; SVP, Cerner Population Health
  • Craig Limoli, CEO and Founder, Wellsheet


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