Webinar: Closing the Gap of Care Inequality for Vulnerable Individuals and Their Communities

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    Creating an environment where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Webinar: Closing the Gap of Care Inequality for Vulnerable Individuals and Their Communities

February 28, 2023

A Thought Leadership Series with UnitedHealth Group

Activity Description

Achieving health equity, eliminating disparities, and improving health for all is the ideal goal within an organization. Closing the gaps to improve quality of life, health, and overall well-being regardless of one's socioeconomic, cultural, or educational status, or the level of other social determinants of health is essential in establishing a solid program foundation. This activity discussed how organizations must build health equity programs into their core business structure and develop strategies that are relevant, actionable, measurable, and based on the latest data - and the significance of an organizational strategy to close the healthy equity gap.

Learning Objectives

  1. Illustrate how to start a conversation with leadership about approaches to improve health equity within their organization.
  2. Identify factors that influence the development of a sustainable health equity strategy within an organization.
  3. Determine strategies to measure a health equity program’s maturity and ability to ensure lasting positive outcomes.
  4. Assess the steps of health equity program development that are essential to establish a solid program foundation.

Featured Speakers

  • Moderator: Kevin Larsen, Senior VP, Clinical Innovation, Optum
  • Joseph Betancourt, MD, MPH, President, The Commonwealth Fund
  • Michael Currie, Chief Health Equity Officer, UnitedHealth Group
  • Lauren Smith, MD, MPH, Chief Health Equity and Strategy Officer, CDC Foundation


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