Webinar: Can the Interoperability Rule Change Healthcare Integration Forever?

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Webinar: Can the Interoperability Rule Change Healthcare Integration Forever?

March 22, 2022

Power care coordination and care management by reusing FHIR APIs.

As FHIR APIs become more commonplace and new regulatory mandates loom, it could be useful to find multiple uses for your APIs. If we can move from creating stand-alone APIs to repurposing existing APIs, we can accelerate project delivery, reduce project costs, and create new experiences for patients and partners.

During this webinar, an esteemed panel of experts dug into the opportunities and roadblocks associated with the reuse of APIs, including:

  • Do you need patient consent to reuse APIs?
  • Do you need additional security to make reuse work safely?
  • Is the Patient Access API the right building block?
  • Why are experienced APIs so important to reuse for program agility?
  • How can we put Interoperability Rule FHIR APIs to work?

Featured Speakers:

  • John Halamka, M.D., M.S., President, Mayo Clinic Platform
  • Viet Nguyen, MD - Chief Standards Implementation Officer, HL7 International
  • Marc Overhage, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Anthem, Inc.
  • Ruby Raley, VP of Healthcare, Axway

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