Virtual Care Delivery Panel - Government Affairs Retreat


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Virtual Care Delivery Panel - Government Affairs Retreat

December 17, 2020


Key takeaways from the panel:

  • Many healthcare institutions saw a large spike in the utilization of telehealth services beginning in March 2020.
  • While the current administration has provided waivers and flexibilities surrounding telehealth reimbursement, many of these will end as soon as the public health emergency (PHE) period ends.
  • Regulatory priorities should be surrounding areas such as reimbursement, licensure, broadband equity, and DEA prescribing issues.
  • Although telehealth has been an instrumental tool in providing greater access to care, some on Capitol Hill and in the administration still cite significant concerns about telehealth costs/utilization as well as fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Behavioral health is another area where telehealth proved to be beneficial. The demand for telebehavioral health services is still high; however, workforce shortage issues, which were a problem before the pandemic, have continued.