Securing Connected Medical Devices

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Securing Connected Medical Devices

October 28, 2019

eHealth Initiative & Foundation (eHI) and Booz Allen Hamilton, released a joint report, Securing Connected Medical Devices, to help industry stakeholders address the challenges associated with the cyber security of connected medical devices. The rise of connected medical devices – which are devices that connect or integrate with other systems (e.g., other devices, tools, networks, services) – represent significant innovations in patient care. These innovations face new and diverse threats not previously in existence. As soon as a medical device is connected in some way – either wirelessly or wired, using a persistent connection or one that is transient, either one-directional or bi-directional – the medical device becomes much easier to disrupt, and the potential disruption much more severe. The medical device ecosystem is at a critical moment where strong leadership across industry, government, and the public is needed to prepare for a secure connected future.