A review on intelligent wearables: Uses and risks

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A review on intelligent wearables: Uses and risks

September 21, 2019

A review on intelligent wearables: Uses and risks

Intelligent wearable technology is becoming very popular in application fields such as clinical medicine and healthcare, health management, workplaces, education, and scientific research. Using the four-element model of technological behavior, the first part of this review briefly introduces issues related to the uses of intelligent wearables, including the technologies (i.e., what kind of intelligent wearables are used?), the users (i.e., who use intelligent wearables?), the activities involving the technologies (i.e., in what activities or fields intelligent wearables are used?), and the effects of technology usages (i.e., what benefits intelligent wearables bring?). The second part of this review focuses on the risks of using intelligent wearables. This part summarized five common risks (i.e., privacy risks, safety risks, performance risks, social and psychological risks, and other risks) in the use of intelligent wearables. The review ends with a discussion of future research.

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