The Return on Investment of Patient-Generated Health Data & Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Return on Investment of Patient-Generated Health Data & Remote Patient Monitoring

July 26, 2018

Healthcare stakeholders are seeking new strategies to improve access to care, address disease management, and spur treatment innovation as a growing number of patients require higher quality, more complex care at lower costs. At a time when the number of people with chronic conditions continues to rise at a staggering rate, providers must manage more patients with the same number of resources, or less, and deploy technology that improves efficiency and effectiveness.

The healthcare industry is deeply vested in identifying new ways to improve the overall health and satisfaction of patients. As a result, provider organizations are adopting remote patient monitoring (RPM) services – inclusive of data from home health devices – as a new standard of care.

This report from eHealth Initiative (eHI) in partnership with Validic analyzes the driving market trends and subsequent barriers for the adoption of patient-generated health data (PGHD) as part of remote care programs. The report delves deep into the financial, operational, and clinical returns on investing in such initiatives – offering perspectives from providers, technologists, regulators, and even a patient enrolled in such a program.