Pulse on the Industry: Interoperability and Population Health Management

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Pulse on the Industry: Interoperability and Population Health Management

February 6, 2018

Over the years, the healthcare industry has moved from paper-based records to electronic records. While there have been significant investments in electronic health record (EHR) systems, the lack of interoperability between EHRs limits accuracy and efficiency when exchanging patient data across the continuum of care. In the current transition from fee-for-service models of reimbursement to value-based care, access to comprehensive patient information is increasingly important. In its quest for optimal patient outcomes, the healthcare industry is trying to improve the quality and availability of data and are using analytics as a catalyst to improve performance.
eHealth Initiative (eHI) interviewed nine executives from provider organizations and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) to gain insight on the current state of interoperability, population health, and their future potential. In November and December 2017, executives answered questions on the types of data they collected, how it is shared and analyzed, and the successes and challenges in using data analytics for population health management.