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Pulse on the Industry: Interoperability and Population Health Management

February 6, 2018

The healthcare industry is moving the needle forward on interoperability and population health management. Our webinar, Pulse on the Industry: Interoperability and Population Health Management, examines the results of eHealth Initiative’s interview-based research project on the topic.

The webinar features executives interviewed for the project. Join us as the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) and Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) delve into the biggest trends in interoperability and population health management:

• Challenges in the exchange of Continuity of Care Documents 
• Issues resulting from poor data quality
• Data being collected to support population health management and value-based care
• The role HIEs play in population health management

Morgan Honea, Chief Executive Officer, CORHIO 
Robert Denson, Chief Information Officer, CORHIO
Laura McCrary, Executive Director, KHIN
Heather Hallett, Vice President, Medicity