Webinar Presentation: How to Grow Your Practice Through Telehealth with Reimbursement Considerations

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Webinar Presentation: How to Grow Your Practice Through Telehealth with Reimbursement Considerations

April 23, 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to surge, physicians and other healthcare providers are moving towards telehealth and remote patient monitoring to reduce in person contact and to stop the spread of the virus. To support physicians and other healthcare providers, CMS has also eased restrictions on telehealth reimbursements.

Join us for a panel discussion with Emily Yoder, an analyst with CMS and Phil Boucher, MD, a practicing pediatrician in Nebraska, regarding the use of telehealth to drive growth in his practice and how CMS reimbursement changes might affect those strategies in the future.

Presentation Slides can be found at the bottom of the page. 


Phil Boucher, MD

Lincoln Pediatrics Group

Phil Boucher, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician in private practice at Lincoln Pediatrics Group in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Phil is a husband and father of five young children. He helps private practice physicians build thriving practices and fulfilling lives through practical strategies paired with mindset shifts within his physician-only facebook group, The Private Practice Accelerator ( He shares his strategies and interviews other thought leaders on his podcast, Private Practice Matters.

Andi Hila

Director of Strategy Consulting, Updox 

Andi Hila is Director of Strategy Consulting at Updox, where he also previously led product efforts for Patient Engagement solutions. Prior to Updox, Andi served in Product Management roles for Explorys and IBM Watson Health, with a focus on data analytics products for the population health, provider, and payer markets. Andi has a B.S. in Health Information Systems and Economics from The Ohio State University.

Emily Yoder

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Centers for Medicare/Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group/Division of Practitioner Services​

Emily Yoder is an analyst in the Division of Practitioner Services (DPS) in the CMS Center for Medicare.  She has worked on Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rate setting and policy development since 2015, including primary care, evaluation and management visits, communication technology based services, and Medicare telehealth.  She holds graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and, as a Fulbright Fellow, from the University of Warwick, in the United Kingdom.