Webinar: Expert Recommendations: Building and Sustaining a Modern Public Health System

Modernizing Public Health

  • Modernizing Public Health

    Building a more robust and sustainable public health system that promotes health, prevents disease, and protects all communities.

Webinar: Expert Recommendations: Building and Sustaining a Modern Public Health System

July 20, 2022

During this online event, representatives from EHI’s Public Health Modernization (PHM) Task Force, as well as the industries top Public Health experts shared their knowledge and experience and discussed the path forward toward a public health system that is innovative and inclusive for all patients.

Background: It’s not news inside the healthcare industry that our public health systems are outdated and fragmented. The national emergency did not cause barriers to health access, it only illuminated the challenges that were already there. The lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully taught industry leaders cannot be forgotten. Local, state and federal policy-makers must act swiftly to implement the solutions and best practices discovered; should we wait too long to modernize the system and properly fund public health activities, and another crisis hits, it could be too late.

Understanding the gravity of this situation, EHI formed the PHM Task Force in early 2022. Public Health experts from EHI’s vast and varied membership came together to share their experiences. The Task Force met bi-monthly, tirelessly collaborating – culminating in the report, "Creating a Modern Public Health System," which contains recommendations to encourage and direct policymakers, and community leaders, to build and sustain a modern public health system.


  • Moderator: Amanda Patanow, Managing Partner, Coda Creative, LLC
  • Craig Behm, Maryland Executive Director, CRISP
  • Dr. Phylicia McCalla, Director of Operations, Association of American Medical Colleges, Center for Health Justice
  • Brad Walters, Director, Federal Government Relations, Marshfield Clinic Health System