eHealth Initiative Releases Survey on ONC and CMS Final Rules


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eHealth Initiative Releases Survey on ONC and CMS Final Rules

November 11, 2020

eHealth Initiative Releases Survey on ONC and CMS Final Rules

Survey Provides Insights on Industry Readiness to Comply with Regulations

The eHealth Initiative (eHI) released the results of a survey on industry readiness to meet the requirements of the ONC Cures Act and CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rules by the applicability date. The survey provides insight into industry awareness of the regulation, impact of COVID-19 on implementation, and readiness to comply.

Key Findings of the Readiness Survey

  • Payers, providers, and vendors each identified implementing and maintaining the Patient Access Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as a top area of concern (43%)
  • Providers indicated the greatest impact of COVID-19 on their readiness (57%) in comparison to the other groups
  • 47% of the respondents indicated preparedness to meet the applicability date
  • The biggest data challenges to overcome are lack of data standardization (47%), lack of technical operability (44%) and shared data quality (44%)
  • 44% of respondents identified that readiness is most impacted by the lack of prioritization across the industry due to internal competing priorities
  • Payers and providers are most concerned with cost in choosing a vendor, with the former more willing to accept vendor assistance than the latter

“Despite the recent delays that push back the applicability date of many of the requirements in the Final Rules, the results reveal that payers, providers, and vendors have several areas of concern related to readiness,” said Jen Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer of eHI. “For example, providers have been most significantly impacted by the current pandemic, but all stakeholder groups remained concerned about the capability to implement and maintain Patient Access APIs.”