Data exchanges based on blockchain in m-Health applications

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Data exchanges based on blockchain in m-Health applications

December 1, 2019

Data exchanges based on blockchain in m-Health applications

The most important aspect of handling data in the healthcare industry is its seamless and secure transition across intercepting nodes. Effective elimination of third-party entities and ensuring direct links between patient and healthcare provider can result in the transmission of error-free, unduplicated data. The use of blockchains can open up opportunities to counter the current requirements due to their ability to safely share information across nodes and networks from the access point and secure the safety of transactions. Currently, sharing medical data is observed to be slow, incomplete, insecure, and provider-centric. These shortcomings prevent data interoperability and are a consequence of lack of foundational, structural, and semantic inoperability. By applying the blockchain technologies with appropriate markers, the safety of patient data can be ensured during data transmission. This paper evaluates the potential use of blockchain technology in association with mobile-based healthcare applications.

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