Chasing Value as AI Transforms Health Care

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Chasing Value as AI Transforms Health Care

March 31, 2019

Chasing Value as AI Transforms Health Care

Business leaders no longer think about artificial intelligence in terms of future impact—they’re seeing the impact today. AI is appearing in all corners of business, transforming the way companies operate. Health care is no exception.

Health care players are using AI to address significant inefficiencies and open up powerful new opportunities. These include everything from the delivery of remote health care services to the early diagnosis of disease and the hunt for new life-saving medicines. Today, the technology is incorporated into heart monitors, smart glucose pumps, and other recently FDA-approved diagnostic devices. Biopharma companies are already using AI to improve the efficiency of R&D; one notable example is through identification of better drug targets.

The ongoing rapid development of AI will trigger a major shift in the value pools across health care. This has serious implications not only for the industry’s four major traditional sectors—biopharma, providers, payers, and medtech—but also for consumers and technology companies. Boston Consulting Group has conducted an in-depth analysis of the potential impact of AI on health care, identifying two prospective scenarios for how value will shift among stakeholders. Under one scenario, much of the value unlocked by AI is retained by players in the four health care sectors and technology companies—while the second scenario sees much of the value flowing directly to consumers.

The full Boston Consulting Group article can be downloaded below.