Adoption and Use of Social-Behavioral Determinants of Health

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Adoption and Use of Social-Behavioral Determinants of Health

October 18, 2017

Webinar recording and presentation slides from 10/18/17 webinar presentation on the Adoption and Use of Social-Behavioral Determinants of Health. 

Social determinants, the circumstances in which people live and work, have a strong effect on health and are linked with the development and management of chronic conditions. More than 35 social-behavioral determinants of health have been recommended by four federal institutions and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. 

During this webinar Speakers will provide:
- Practical tips and advice to leverage Social-Behavioral Determinants of Health to maximize healthcare outcomes
- Guidelines for the prioritization, selection, implementation and application of social-behavioral determinants of health
- A standardized evidence-based approach to normalize the collection of Social-Behavioral Determinants of Health across settings

- Ruth E. Wetta, RN, PhD, MPH, MSN, DataInsights, Lead Clinical Researcher, Cerner, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Kansas School of Nursing
- Marina Daldalian, MPH, Senior Clinical Researcher, Cerner
- Sue Gullickson, Project Manager, Performance Excellence, Agnesian HealthCare