Interoperability Outside the Hospital: Why Other Stakeholders Want to Connect

  • 2015 December 15
  • Reports White Papers Interoperability


Over the last decade, advances in technology, federal and state regulatory action, and private sector innovation have combined to drive transformative changes in the US healthcare system. As a whole, the system is slowly moving away from the long-standing fee-for-service model and toward value-based population health management. This evolution has in turn sparked new ways of thinking about care delivery and payment, which will require new levels of engagement on the part of many of the healthcare industry’s key stakeholders. In fact, stakeholders such as the pharmaceutical industry, community service organizations, retail medicine, public health, and the consumer have much to offer the healthcare system, although the extent to which they are integrated into the healthcare information ecosystem remains a critical barrier to the long-term prospects of improving patient outcomes. This paper endeavors to explore the value of interoperability among other stakeholder organizations, as well as the actions these organizations have taken to begin developing interoperability with clinical service providers.