Deploying Digital Technology for Health Equity

Hospitals and health systems looking to provide care to their communities aren’t just seeking a one-episode connection. People need care throughout their lives — but many aren’t in a position to return to it or to seek it out in the first place. With patients drawn from all different walks of life and representing diverse populations, how can healthcare organizations reach them where they are?

The answer may lie in the enhancement and innovation of existing modalities, meeting the expectations of healthcare consumers by operating in a format that is already familiar — like text messaging. 

With creative thinking and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital services, mobile technology may be the key to improving health equity at a population level. Today’s texting solutions enable providers to surface concerns, triage issues, and route to the appropriate care team, as needed — all at scale, without adding to the staff workflow.

Let’s take a closer look.

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