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eHealth Initiative About Us

Increasing healthcare costs and concerns about quality are overwhelming patients, providers and policymakers. The political and economic environment has created significant challenges for all the players in healthcare. The aging technology systems and payment methods established years ago no longer work in the 21st century. Rather than be discouraged, eHealth Initiative believes these challenges provide us with an opportunity to take our healthcare system to the next level through innovation and technology.

eHealth Initiative members are on the cutting edge of healthcare, creating innovative tools and strategy to take us into the next century. For over a decade, eHealth Initiative (eHI) members have worked to drive improvement in the quality of healthcare by promoting the use of technology and information. eHealth Initiative’s research, education and advocacy efforts all serve to demonstrate the effective use of technology and data in healthcare. 

eHI serves as a leader to identify best practices, monitor trends and developments in the field, and convene multi-stakeholder groups to guide health IT progress across three areas:

  • Using Data and Analytics to Improve Care
  • IT Infrastructure to Support Accountable Communities and Value-Based Care Initiatives
  • Connecting Communities through Interoperable Data Exchange

Working with our members in these key areas, we can positively impact healthcare by improving quality and reducing costs. No special interest group or single stakeholder can make an impact alone. Therefore, it is critical that leaders from all sectors of healthcare band together.

eHealth Initiative is the only national organization that represents all of the stakeholders in the healthcare industry and has a coalition of over 200 of the most prestigious and influential organizations. Our organization brings competitors and diverse players to the table to work together on our core issues.

Membership with the eHealth Initiative provides significant value to organizations across the nation, including:

  • Providing a neutral platform for competitors to talk;
  • Networking with executives and industry leaders;
  • Sharing intelligence on the Health IT market and advocacy efforts;
  • Providing an insider scoop to federal agencies;
  • Providing access to extensive resources;
  • Participating in exclusive executive roundtables on key topics
  • Serving as the “go to resource” for Health IT policy; and
  • Giving members extensive educational opportunities with a blend of academic, business and policy.

Our members include clinicians, consumers, providers, healthcare purchasers, health plans, health IT suppliers, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, pharmacies, public health agencies, quality improvement organizations, academic groups, technology companies, telehealth groups, healthcare quality organizations, state, regional and community-based healthcare organizations to name a few. No single stakeholder group holds a monopoly on the eHealth Initiative membership. eHI members band together to address the challenges facing the healthcare system.

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